Consulting Services and Solutions

Vietnam investment

Segments we serve

We bring investors to manufacturers and help them to bring their business to a new level.

INE consulting delivers customized consulting solutions that address several business issues in HR, Sales & Marketing. These solutions are tailored to the nuances of specific manufacturing industry segments.  This approach enables us to tailor our solutions within each manufacturing industry segment, where needed, to maximize client relevance and impact and to deliver end-to-end solutions.

Services and solutions

  • Trading and Investment services
  • Strategic Management Consulting Service, HR sales and marketing
  • Networking Exchange Service
We provide one-stop offshore service with a global network of partners and a diversified portfolio of businesses.

Business Strategy & Management

Corporate strategy and profitable growth;
Pricing strategy/management;
Branding strategy;
Enterprise model design;
Strategic enterprise cost management;
Outsourcing and shared services strategy;
Finance transformation;
Enterprise risk and governance.

Product Development & Innovation

Product development transformation;
Lean engineering;
Value engineering;
Product Life cycle Management;
Product data management.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Restructuring

Private Equity transactions;
Turnarounds and restructuring; Integration strategy and execution;
Business valuation and modeling; M&A capability development.